Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Kiko haul

Kiko Milano is an Italian cosmetics brand that's been around since 1997. The price points of its products are entirely affordable, but cheap make-up this is not. The website claims that it has a range of 'cutting edge make-up' - and having mooched about the store on Regent Street for far longer than I should, I can concur that the range is innovative and just a little bit different. Naturally, you'd expect nothing less from a brand build on 'Made in Italy' values.

I wanted to buy a lot more, but I restrained myself on this first visit. I was very keen on their Palette Clics System - very similar to Bobby Brown's Pan Palette system - although there isn't a mirror - but at a quarter of the price, you can forgive that. Especially right now, because it's all on half price offer - both the palettes and the eye shadows. At those sorts of prices, it would be rude not to.

I bought the Eyes Clics 04 - there are four spaces for the eye shadows of your choice. £2.50. Bargain. I then opted for the following eye shadow shades: 201 Sparkling Silk (white); 233 Pearly Mahogany (pink/purple); 235 Mat Chocolate (brown) and Pearly Fern Green (green - obviously). Each one is currently on offer for £2,80. But don't be alarmed. If these don't float your boat, there are a whopping 88 shades to choose from. These shadows are highly pigmented and apply really easily. Although they definitely won't last the 12 hours they claim, they do last fairly well, especially with a primer underneath.

The shadows pop into the Clics palette easily enough - there's a slight magnetic pull to keep it all in place, but it's not so strong you can't get them out again.

I also picked up a green eyeliner - I recently heard that green eyeliner applied in the waterline help brighten the eye, and I wanted to try it out. It works a treat by the way - definitely give it a try. I opted for the Kajal pencil, specifically designed to go inside the waterline in the colour 112, Green Grass. It cost £4.20.

(Excuse the damaged eye shadow in the top left of the palette by the way - it was like that when I took it out of the box, and I haven't got the energy or inclination to go back and get another one - it was only £2.80.)

I thought that was it for my first go, but on the way to the tills, this little lip balm beauty called out to me.

This balm is both hydrating and has SPF 15 - a winner just before spring arrives. I went for the coconut colour - obviously - but there are a variety of colours. The shea butter and vitamins are extremely moisturising and you can apply without a mirror. Even better, the packaging is brilliant. I really hate lip balms in little pots - you can apply this straight from the bullet without any mess or fuss. It looks a lot more expensive than the £5.90 it costs. I will be picking up a couple more colours shortly.

Overall, this brand is definitely worth checking out - the sheer range is phenomenal. Even the most fussy of people would find something to suit. If you're not lucky enough to live near one of the stores, fear not - the online shop is brilliant. Even better, they are currently offering 20% off everything. Let me know how you get on!

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