Monday, 2 March 2015

February favourites

I cannot believe we're at the end of February already. I've been making some fairly serious life changing decisions recently - but more on that another time. Right now, it's time to round up favourites from the month. So, let's get started...

First up: an oldie but a goodie, the old Naked palette from Urban Decay. My favourite of the three versions, this one is the original and best. I love all 12 colours, but I've been particularly defaulting to naked and half baked for my everyday work make-up. This rediscovery has reminded me that I must buy the all-in-one Naked on the Run palette sooner rather than later.

Staying on the make-up theme, I could not have been without my Charlotte Tilbury primer and foundation this month. My skin hasn't been at it's best and this combo works wonders for fooling even me sometimes into thinking it's better than it is. I reviewed them both earlier this month here.

Final make up one for this month: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in hot pepper. My transition to the bold lip is complete, which I'm very happy about. I *almost* feel undone without lipstick now - which is a major turnaround for me. These little wonders from Bourjois are outstanding. Highly pigmented, these don't dry the lips and last for ages. And I do mean, properly ages - you can eat and drink your way through dinner, and it's still going strong. Even better, they are currently on offer at Boots - 3 for 2. What are you waiting for?

Skincare wise, as I just mentioned, my skin has been quite the trauma this month. Although Aldi's serum didn't make my face fall off, I'm afraid there's just no substitute for the Clarins Double Serum. Marvellous stuff.

I've also been religiously using the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse that I bought last year whilst on holiday in France. My skin has been really dehydrated and this oil is like an overnight treatment. If your skin is taking a beating in this up and down weather, I really can't recommend both this and Clarins' serum enough.

I still haven't got round to testing out Bioderma's micellar water, mainly because the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water is so damn good, there's just no reason to try anything else. It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean, without being drying in any way. It's around £5, but usually on offer at Boots or Superdrug - I'd definitely recommend trying this out if you haven't already.

Because I was a very good girl last year, Father Christmas bought me a Diptique candle and I haven't been disappointed. I got the Baies fragrance and it is absolutely divine. I have used almost every day this month. Yes, £40 for a candle is ridiculous, but as an indulgent present as a treat, you can't go wrong. If you're a mum, I'd be adding this to the list right now...

And finally (not pictured), I've also been loving the BBC's 'Inside the Commons' series that ended last week. It really is a wonder this country functions at all - if you get the chance, it's compelling viewing.

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