Friday, 6 February 2015

Sticker books: the stuff of genius

Whilst perusing a post on 'from a whisper to a roar' on sticker books I realised: I love sticker books. I really, truly, definitely L-O-V-E them. 

I first discovered the joy of sticker books for toddlers when travelling to the US and literally trying every available activity to distract the children for five minutes on the plane. Sticker books were the hands-down winner throughout. The only problem - if you can call it a problem - is that the kids seem to complete the entire book in ten minutes. However, you'll find this is no problem at all if you travel with a library of sticker books. Which I now do. All. the. time.

Meg raises a good point, though. While I may think that doing a sticker book consists of, well, sticking, my children seem to think the main aim is to stick and then peel off each sticker. If they can find a piece of furniture - or a wall - to stick the sticker to, so much the better. (Sorry, British Airways.)

I find stickers everywhere. In my handbag. In the washing machine. On the walls. Even on my work notebook, which I pulled out in a meeting and then quickly had to retreat for fear of the supplier (I won't embarrass him by mentioning him by name) realising I was not the high-flying corporate wonder woman he obviously thought I was, but in fact I am a mum trying to fit everything in (and, on this particular occasion, failing. But let's ignore that). Personally, if I was putting stickers on my notebook, it would not be Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It would, in fact, be these babies from Anya Hindmarch. But I digress. 

A random sticker, on a random wall. There's no escape.

Given that the youngest Martini isn't even close to sticker books, I am already resigned to several more years of finding stickers in places they really shouldn't be. But - they love it. And that's all that really matters. 

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  1. Thank you for the mention! :) I'm still smiling at the thought of a plane with stickers on the walls. Glad they work as a distraction though. Will definitely order some more. Might go and do that now actually ... xx