Monday, 2 February 2015

Spotify - is premium worth it?

Spotify overhauled its almost a year ago in April 2014, and its taken me a good while to properly get to grips with the programme. Initially, I just used the free option, but while we were on holiday I decided to upgrade to the 'premium' version, mainly to avoid the adverts. But, because I had some time on my hands, it also gave me the chance to play around with the new version and I haven't looked back. Spotify is absolutely brilliant.

Let me tell you why.

First, it has a great catalogue of music. To be honest, my tastes are fairly mainstream, and I haven't done a detailed comparison with the likes of Napster and Google Play, but I've never had a problem. No complaints from me on that front.

Second, once you get the hang of it, it's simple and easy to use. Playlists, albums, artists: build your own library however you like. Personally, I love the playlists and have created a lot - some for the kids, some just for me and obviously, some for Christmas. Winner.

Third, the android app is brilliant. With Premium you can download 3,333 tracks to sync with your mobile (or tablet) so you can listen offline. That's right - offline. You can do this for up to three devices - which covers my laptop, my tablet and my mobile. I have a whole wealth of playlists to help get me through my daily commute. One is called Nine Circles of Hell. South West Trains, take note. 

And, finally, fourth, you can follow other people's public playlists. Don't fancy building your own workout list? No problem - just follow someone else's. Have a light 'Stalker' tendency to certain celebrities? Chances are, they've created a public profile sharing their own favourite tracks - yours for the taking. 

There are two main account options: free, which is paid for by adverts and doesn't allow you to download your music, and premium, which costs £9.99 a month and means you can play your music anytime, anywhere. For the average price of an album, you can have pretty much an unlimited music library at home, on the move and at your destination. What more could you want?

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