Monday, 16 February 2015

My Little Box - The Frenchie

I received my first Little Box in January and it was good enough to have me pretty excited when this month's edition dropped through the letter box. This month the theme is 'French' - definitely more appealing than the healthy theme in January.

So, let's cut straight to the good stuff. This month features a full size By Terry waterproof khol pencil - mine is black. This baby retails for a mega £23.50 so you're already in credit without anything else in the mix. I'm a bit fan of By Terry make-up; I've not tried the Terrybly Khol Pencil range before, and I'm excited to try it. 

In terms of beauty products, the box also contains a brow product, some blotting paper and a complexion enhancer. 

Super liner brow artist plumper by L'Oreal Paris - this product claims to combine the roles of pencil, powder and brush in one go. It comes in three shades - mine is clear. Although completely understandable, that's not so useful for me - I'd prefer to have a brown one. I've used this a couple of times already - it's okay, but I wouldn't rush out to repurchase. It retails for £5.99.

DHC blotting paper. I'll be honest, I've never seen the need for blotting paper, and I'm not convinced that February is the best month to be embracing these for the first time. These are 100% natural hemp fibres and claim to be more effective than synthetic alternatives when it comes to oil absorption - as per my previous sentence, I'm in no position to judge that statement. The packaging is pretty though and I'll keep these stashed to try out when summer arrives.

My Little Beauty complexion enhancer - My Little Box's own range. This cream, which contains apricot kernel oil (hence the beautiful smell) claims to bring skin back to life. It also contains edelweiss extracts and while these are unlikely to turn you into a singing nun, they do claim to protect your skin. It's definitely lightweight and easily absorbed, but I'm still trying to work out exactly where it fits into my skincare routine. My first attempt has been to use it after moisturiser, but if you have a better idea, do tell!

The box contains two further products: a pot of messages and a smartphone case. The pot of messages is a small, dainty pot with a cork stopper that contains 28 scrolls of paper, each with a different message. Think fortune cookie, but with way more style. I was a bit skeptical of this, but actually, so far I've been enjoying them every morning. I'm not sure I'd pay £6.50 for these for myself, but I'd definitely get these as a gift for someone in the future.

The smartphone case is a bit like the bag in January's box. It's okay, but I most definitely would not pay anything for it - and certainly not the £16 that it's claimed to retail for. It was created with Ines de la Fressange - which the whole box centres around (she's the cover on the accompanying magazine)  - so I get the point, but it's not a main draw for me.

The box also includes a flyer to advertise the company's new app My Little App. It basically sends daily updates with information about sales, beauty tutorials, competitions, discounts and a whole load more - I've downloaded it, but haven't really explored it properly yet. If it's good, I'll do another post on that. 

Overall, a good box - mainly because of the eyeliner - so I'll keep my subscription live for another month and see how it goes. 

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