Monday, 9 February 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Revolutionary Youth Boosting Lip System

After my fave review of the amazing Supermodel box (Mr. M. must once again get snaps for such a fantastic Christmas present), it will come as no surprise that I am unable to leave a Charlotte Tilbury counter empty handed. Obviously the answer - if I'm attempting to save my bank balance - is to stay away from said counters. Which, of course, means I was at one earlier this week. 

I really must look into measures to improve my willpower. 

Needless to say, there's a whole new system that was crying out to be tried - just in time for Valentine's Day. Let's dive in, shall we?

This new, 'revolutionary' system features four stages; Lip Love - a scrub to prep the lips, Lip Magic - a moisturising lip balm, lip liner and then a lipstick. 

“When you are talking to someone the two areas they focus on are your eyes and your mouth. That’s why a good lip system is just as important as a good eye cream to make you look 10 years younger. I always apply the same routine to the lips as I do to the face: Prep, Prime, Colour & Kiss! It’s youth-boosting magic for lips.”...Charlotte Tilbury

I really do suffer with dry, chapped lips, so matte lipsticks are generally more difficult for me to wear. Lip Love contains sugar crystals to remove dead cells and boost circulation. I have been using a Lush scrub - but, as you might expect, there's no comparison. Especially given that the Lush scrub is £5.50, whereas Lip Love will set you back £20. 

Charlotte's scrub is almost balm-like - it has jojoba seed oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa seed butter and beeswax, so it's extremely moisturising whilst simultaneously scrubbing. For an extra hit, it also contains Vitamin E, which helps to naturally condition and protect the lips. And, it smells delicious too. 

Lip Magic is a fantastic lip balm. It claims to protect and strengthen the lips by creating new cells and reducing water loss - by 34% don't you know. I have no idea if that's true, but my lips are definitely in better condition after a couple of days of using this. The magic ingredient is propolis - a resin created by honeybees to protect the lining of their beehives. Apparently it boosts the immune system too. It also has hyaluronic acid, to help plump out the lips, Vitamin E and argan oil. Blimey - it sounds like it could cure all the world's ills in one simple step. Okay - that's a bit over the top - but it is a great lip balm. 

Lip Cheat is the range of lip liners and although lip liners is not essential, it definitely helps the staying power of the lipstick. Plus, it helps reshape and resize if that's your thing. I already had Pillowtalk; this time I picked up Kiss 'n' Tell. I'm sure you can guess what's coming next. 

And finally, the last step. The lipstick. Charlotte's  lipsticks are absolutely phenomenal - very pigmented, completely buildable and absolutely not drying on the lips at all. They also stay put for at least four hours - which is pretty impressive. They've been hugely popular and I haven't stopped wearing Confession since I got it. But I wanted more - and it had to be Matte Revolution Red Carpet Red. The range of matte lipsticks has been raved about since it was launched - so I decided I had waited long enough. It was worth the wait. 

Standard with anything from Charlotte Tilbury - the packaging is beautiful and everything works together perfectly. Expensive? Eye wateringly so. A lip balm that costs £25 needs to be considered carefully. But, if you suffer with chapped lips like I do, and you still want to wear bold lipsticks (like I do!) then this is a good investment. Plus, if you get it in time for Valentine's Day in store at Fenwicks, you'll also get a free lip pouch - very cute!

All products are available online. Lip Love is £20, Lip Magic is £25, Lip Cheats are £16 and the lipsticks are £23. 

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