Wednesday, 28 January 2015

SEVENTEEN Falsifeye HD Mascara

I have to admit: there are products I love more than mascara. I fully appreciate the difference that mascara makes, but it just doesn't get me excited the way eyeshadow or eyeliner does. 

I wonder if that has some deeper meaning, like dreaming about your teeth falling out means you're worried about money? I hope not.

I needed to make an emergency mascara purchase, and I saw this one in Boots at Waterloo - for £6.99, if it really wasn't any good, no harm done.

Strange how sometimes an emergency purchase can actually turn out to be one of the best buys you make (the same was true of a bag I once bought, because tea had leaked all over the inside of my bag and I was going to a meeting, and couldn't turn up with a soaking wet bag with everything inside completely drenched. I only noticed that the tea was leaking when it began dripping out of the bottom of my bag all over my leg. Lovely. But, the bag I replaced it with - let's all be grateful for the Canary Wharf shops - is still going strong today and I always get compliments when I use it. I almost feel like I cheated). 

Obviously, the packaging is fairly basic but the most deceiving thing was the brush. It looks, upon first inspection, utterly rubbish. There is no way, I thought, that is going to deliver more definition and more volume, as per the claims. Wrong. I'm not quite sure why it works - although it does look similar to the Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes brush, albeit slightly smaller. Perhaps that's why it works.  

Well, according to SEVENTEEN, the brush actually is what makes all the difference:

• This unique all-in-one brush has two different application zones, which means mascara can be loaded easily onto the lashes and combed through.
• The shorter bristles on the flat side of the brush hold more of the mascara bulk, ready to apply to the lashes
• The longer bristles of the brush comb through the mascara from root to tip, making the lashes appear more defined, volumised and longer.
• The conical shaped tip of the brush helps with the application of mascara to the tiny, hard to catch lashes at the corners of the eyes.
You need two coats to achieve longer, more voluminous lashes, but at this price, who cares if you need three or four? Yes, the packaging isn't as luxurious, but the point is, it works. It comes in two colours: blackest black, or black/brown. Mine is blackest black. It lasts the whole day - you'll be safe for eight hours for sure - and it needs proper removal at night, so you know it's got staying power, without being super difficult to remove.  

Have you used it already? And if not, give it a whirl. What are you waiting for?

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