Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Review: Rituals Hammam Range

Rituals wasn't a brand I know particularly well - I became aware of it when I moved out of town and there was a shop in the local shopping centre. The products always look and smell really good, and while more expensive than shower gel from your local boots, they are not so expensive to be prohibitive. 

I'm also nostalgic about a trip to Morocco Mr. M and I made back in the early days when we were footloose and fancy-free (aka childless). While we were there, we went to a hammam and it was fantastic - completely different from anything I'd experienced before. So, when I saw the Hammam range in the store, I was keen to try it out. 

I got the Hammam Collection, which contains four products from the range. 

Hammam Olive Secret is a shower 'paste' that claims to prepare the skin for exfoliation. Basically, while you're in the shower, you cover yourself in the paste and then rinse it off, to prepare the skin for exfoliation. It smells lovely - it contains olive oil and eucalyptus - but I'm not sure how much of a difference it really makes. That could be because I use the salts straight afterward and I attribute the cleansed feeling to that. It's been good to use, but I'm not sure this is a repurchase product from the range.  

Hamma Hot Scrub is my favourite  - as per the instructions, I use it after the olive secret to really scrub the skin. As well as the eucalyptus, it also has ginger in it which really wakes up the senses. It's not the quickest shower routine (I do this once a week at the weekend, when I have a little bit more time) but it leaves me feeling really scrubbed clean - exactly how I felt when I left the hammam in Morocco. As I say, I attribute this to the hot scrub salt, rather than the paste, but I'll reserve final judgement until I stop using the paste and continue just with the salt. 

Hammam Delight is the shower gel for everyday use. You only need a tiny amount - a little goes a long way - and it's brilliant to use first thing in the morning, because the smell is fantastic - very uplifting! According to Rituals, it's the combination of eucalyptus and rosemary that makes it so revitalising. I can't testify to that, but I can say that it works - and I love using it. 

Also included in the pack was a small room scent diffuser. It is really quite small, but it smells fresh and is very pleasant to have. That said, I wouldn't buy it separately - I'd just stick with the shower gel for the same scent. 

Overall, this is a really good range. Obviously, nothing beats being pampered by someone else in a spa setting, but this is a pretty good second if you can make the time to do it. The shower gel gives me a little lift every time I use it, but the scrub is a special treat I look forward to. If you want to recreate a little bit of Morocco in your own bathroom, without the plane fare, this is the range to do it. 

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