Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Review: COLAB dry shampoo

Let's be honest: we don't wash our hair everyday. Well, I don't. Who on earth has the time? The chances of being able to blow dry my hair on top of everything else in the morning, are slim to none. 

And, anyway, it's not good to wash your everyday. I'm told. And that's good enough for me. Not so, though, for my hair, which does tend to go a bit land at the two-day stage. Enter my morning saviour: dry shampoo. Until now, my staple has been Batiste XXL volume dry shampoo which does work a treat, but tends to leave quite a powder residue in my hair. As a dark brunette, this isn't ideal, because it then takes a short while to sort that out. (But it's still quicker than a full on blow dry. Obviously). 

I'd heard much about Ruth Crilly's brainchild COLAB - it claims to be a 'revolutionary sheer and invisible dry shampoo' and the majority of reviews seemed to support that. If you don't know who Ruth Crilly is, where have you been? She's a model with a brilliant blog, A Model Recommends, and she's also a YouTube queen. Seriously, you need to add her to your lists. Most importantly, her reviews and insights are usually spot on, so when I finally got round to trying it, I had high expectations.

The range comes in five scents: London, New York, Paris, Rio and Tokyo. (You see what they've done there.) The ones pictured above are London (black) and New York (orange) - my favourite is London, but the New York is also lovely - London is more musky and New York is more fruity. All five come in a compact (50ml) and large (200ml) sizes.

I absolutely love this shampoo. There is very little residue, but it gives great texture and gets rid of any greasiness at the same time. It is genius. It has become my new staple and knocked Batiste off my shopping list. And - even better - it's a bargain price of just £3.50 for the 200ml version (although it's sometimes on offer at Superdrug for just £2.12). It's available at Superdrug, Feel Unique and Beauty Mart - but it can sometimes be tricky to find in store at Superdrug as it's not carried in all stores. 

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