Monday, 19 January 2015

My Little Box: My Little Energy Box January 2015

I've tried quite a few beauty boxes over the years, but to be honest, I've always been a little disappointed by the subscription ones (not so for the one-off Selfridges boxes). But, I've heard good things about My Little Box - well, of course I had; it's from Paris - and so I thought I'd give it a go this month. It costs £11 per month plus P&P (so it's £15 per month) but you can cancel your subscription at any time, so if I really didn't like it, there wasn't that much lost.

Some quick info on the company / brand: it's a 'Parisian beauty, fashion and lifestyle box with a different theme every month'. It's the brain child of five friends who are also behind the popular 'My Little Paris Newsletter'. They aim to provide 'a little post-box sized haven of beauty, fashion and lifestyle surprises'. There are fashion accessories designed exclusively for My Little Box, and they have their own cosmetic range but they do also do collaborations with other beauty and fashion brands. Basically, they are cashing in on being French - can't blame them really. 

So, yesterday, by box arrived. I know everyone else is on a health kick in the new year, but unfortunately the whole 'energy' theme didn't go down so well with me (I'm not doing dry January - I've spent the last six years not drinking, pretty much - I'm not taking out a gym membership and I'm certainly not running around in the cold). However, it also focuses on good vibes and positive energy and I'm all for that. So long as I'm in the warm.

I do already have a calendar for 2015 and I'm not sure their version is worth the £10 they allegedly charge on their French website, but as a freebie, it's perfectly serviceable. Naturally, it is filled with suitably 'inspirational' quotes, should you be looking for that.

Also included is a gym bag. Obviously, I won't be taking it to the gym (see above) but with four kids, I'm sure it will come in handy. It's fine, but there's not a chance I'd pay the £20 the little booklet tells you it costs. 

Now, on to the good stuff. 

Nails Inc nail varnish in Tate red (£11) A classic red shade that means the box has already paid for inself. It's full size and you know the brand is good quality - it's a definite winner. 

My Little Beauty Energising Mist (£7.50) Apparently full of antioxidants, vitamin C and green tea, this mist claims to 'give your skin the inner glow it's been lacking'. I used it last night and this morning instead of toner - the best use for these energising mists I've found - and it certainly smells lovely. The jury's out on my inner glow - but, to be completely fair, even the most talented product might struggle with that. 

Talika Photo-Hydra Day (£43.50) I have seen the Talika brand at Space NK but I've never tried anything from the range before. After using this cream, I would definitely consider it. The cream is light and doesn't really smell of anything. It's very hydrating and sinks into my skin in double-quick time - so far so good. 

Overall, this is a great box and I definitely won't be cancelling my subscription. I can't wait to see what I get in February. Although, I won't be impressed if it's a detox special! 

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