Friday, 30 January 2015

January favourites

Can you believe we're at the end of January already? I'm not one of those people that hates this month - although possibly not doing anything silly like 'dry January' helps with that - but it's really flown by. I actually quite like the cold - so long as I'm properly dressed. I know we probably have worse weather to get through (I seem to recall snow in either February or March last year - could be wrong) but I find myself looking forward to spring and summer already. 

So, favourite things of the month? Let's get to it:

This month has been particularly harsh on my skin - the variations in temperature, mixed with commuting on the tube and central heating are definitely taking their toll. (And, yes, I'm not getting any younger, which doesn't help either.) My rediscovery of Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish has been a lifesaver - and the eucalyptus helps sooth any signs of the seemingly endless cold that has taken residence at Martini Towers.

I've also been using La Prairie's Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil. Not for the faint-hearted (or faint-walleted) - it costs £213 for 30ml - I was lucky enough to get hold of a sample to try out and I've used every drop this month. An award winning product, it claims to fill gaps in the skin's moisture barrier function, preventing water loss and helping retain a youthful, line-free look. Sadly for my wallet, I have to say this product definitely works - you need very little and it sinks straight into the skin so there's no oily residue or that slightly slick feeling you can get with other oils. My skin has been very dehydrated this month, and this oil has worked wonders. If only they sold it in Boots, so I could at least pretend to justify the spend with all the Advantage Card points I'd rack up... oh well. 

My hair has also taken a bit of a beating, and Dove's Pure Care Dry Oil treatment mask has been putting in resilient efforts to bring some life back to it. I first used this back in September last year, but this month I've been using it religiously at least twice a week. It's such a bargain, too, that it reminds me not everything that works has to cost an obscene amount of money (see paragraph above...)

I'm making more of an effort to embrace the bold lip - and I've been using Mac's Russian Red lipstick to do it. This isn't in my comfort zone, but I am slowly getting used to it - and this colour is fantastic. I wouldn't exactly say it's hydrating, but it's not drying either - and on me, it lasts around 4-5 hours before it needs topping up. 

I have also been loving the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow. Hands down, this is the best contouring kit I've ever used. Suitable for any skintone, the bronzer can be used to both contour and give that 'sun-kissed' look that's so distant in these winter months. The highlighter gives skin a luminosity without being overly shimmery or glittery, which is difficult to find with a lot of highlighters. If you only buy one CT makeup product, make it this. It's £49, so not cheap, but I've used mine everyday this month and it's barely scratched the surface. It's an investment worth making.  

I've also been using SEVENTEEN Falsifeye HD mascara this month. Increasingly I'm of the opinion that mascara is a product you definitely don't need to spend lots of money on - the high street ones are often as good, if not better, that the luxury ones. I did a full review earlier this month - if you haven't tried it before, now's as good a time as any; it's currently on offer. 

Finally, a non-beauty favourite: Scandal. My latest box-set addiction. If you haven't heard about this, where have you been? It's a US political thriller and it's literally addictive. It's not quite the West Wing, and this time, there are Republicans running the show rather than Democrats, but we have stayed up way too late, promising 'just one more episode'. We watch it on Amazon Prime (which, by the way is genius), but it's available on the US Netflix too. We're half way through season two, and it's currently standing at season four, with no signs of slowing. Phew. So, that's February sorted too. 


  1. Hiii! I love this blogpost! A couple of days ago I ordered the "Diva" lipstick from M.A.C and I love it soooo much. It's the prettiest dark red colour I've ever seen! You should give it a go as well! xx

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Great tip - I'll add Diva to my (ever growing) shopping list! xx