Friday, 9 January 2015

#FashionFriday - bag yourself a bargain

As the sales hit their final stretch, with the third (or sometimes even fourth) round of mark downs being made - which makes me wonder why we ever pay full price for anything, but don't get me started on that - there are definitely some bargains to be had if you're prepared to root around. Even online, I find this tiresome. It seems like every time I spy something truly bargainous, it's either already sold out, or it's not in my size. However, persevere and thrifty shopping can be achieved - I promise.

I'm a new convert to Crew Clothing - in fact, my brother introduced me to them with his Christmas wish list. When I popped in store to collect his present, I fell in love with the quality, casual knitwear and other weekend staples. I almost bought the jumper below (ahh, take that 'Click and Collect' - I didn't fall for your tricks) but resisted. And this angelic behaviour was rewarded. Willing to pay £48, I snapped it up for £23. £23. That's half price, people. 

Obviously, this meant I could also buy this shirt for £18 - think of the savings.  

So, in my mind, I'm still £7 better off. That's enough for another lunch at Pod on a fast day. Mr. M. doesn't seem to view it in quite the same way - can't think why. He won't be moaning when I get him a jumper via the 'Click and Collect' ruse - well, I didn't say there would be angelic behaviour twice...

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