Saturday, 27 December 2014

I'm back!

Happy Christmas! I hope you've had a good one so far. I was worried I wouldn't get to enjoy Christmas at all - I came down with pneumonia in the middle of November and I've only just properly recovered. Fortunately, just in time for the big day!

I didn't really have the chance to get properly prepared for Christmas - and for me, the build up is half the fun. However, I did manage to make the cake you see above - and today I'm going to make some gingerbread - so all is not completely lost. If, like me, you love a Christmas cooking programme, then you may well recognise the cake from Nigella - the recipe is here. Admittedly, it's not the most fat-free option, but then - well, it is Christmas...

We've had a great couple of days - although very hectic - so I'm looking forward to a couple of chill out days before going back to work on Monday. Online sale shopping and trying out all my new presents will be the order of the day :)

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