Monday, 27 October 2014

HUGE haul - Primark, Topshop and Next

I rarely get time to shop these days, so a couple of hours being let loose yesterday resulted in a serious spending frenzy. I started in Primark - the only way to go in that shop is first thing in the morning, when it's still empty and stocked up on hangers, pyjamas and slippers. I was especially proud of the slippers - cosy toes - but all of the items were pleasingly Christmassy. Last year, I made the huge mistake of not buying the items when I first saw them. I didn't make the same mistake twice. Red tartan and reindeers ruled the shopping basket. Very pleasing indeed.

I also picked up a kilt, a Christmas jumper (obviously - and it plays music. Classy) and a Frozen t-shirt. Eldest daughter is soon to be having a Frozen-themed birthday party, so I thought I'd better join in. I also picked up a few hair turbans - good presents - and another pair of cosy toes for my sister, living in Japan and therefore probably Primark deprived. 

The Christmas candles were also piled high on the shelves, so I choose the winter berry one to try. If nothing else, the tin will look nice when the candle runs out. 

Following my epic session in Primark, I hot footed it to Topshop. My student discount is in the final few weeks, so I need to be making the most of that - the black skirt and the mint tunic are both sparkly and spot on for the forthcoming festive season. 

Finally, I need some boots for all these new clothes I've bought. I really wanted some over the knee boots and these ones from Next are an absolute bargain at under £60. 

Now, all I need is somewhere to go...

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