Thursday, 16 October 2014

Another year older...

My kids were definitely way more excited about my birthday than I was. But, you do have to embrace their enthusiasm - it means nothing to them that I'm crashing beyond the wrong side of 35. And, I have to admit, their enthusiasm was infectious. 

I was very well looked after - and the presents weren't bad either! The in-laws outdid themselves: a KitchenAid? Seriously, I didn't think we'd have one of those for years. And someone else who knows me well gave me the Bake Off cook book. Rest assured the KitchenAid has already been put to good use - and no doubt more on that will follow!

I got a few treats from the fantastic Hamman range at Rituals. And Mr. M outdid himself - flowers, a Longchamp bag and a session with a personal stylist (admittedly I think he's still compensating for the now infamous accidental donation of my entire wardrobe to charity).  

All this, combined with a family dinner and Sunday lunch with friends all made for a very enjoyable time indeed. I'm almost looking forward to next year. Almost. 

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