Saturday, 19 July 2014

Restoring my faith in humanity

I admit it: I'm a cynical human being. I generally have no faith in people, especially strangers, at all. But this week I had an experience that served to remind me that actually, there are people out there who are totally decent. And it's heart warming.

Earlier this week, a white-van man reversed into me. At traffic lights. Why he was reversing is beyond me (well, actually, he realised the bridge was closed and decided to try and find an alternative route) but there you go. I was riding my hired learner motorbike (I'm practicing using a geared bike so I can take my test this summer) so this was especially annoying. I was fine - but there was some minor damage to the bike. 

Obviously, the hire place had taken a whacking great deposit and I quickly came to the grim realisation that I was going to lose most of it. The driver did exchange details with me, but he was very reluctant to go through the insurance and, in all honesty, I didn't expect to ever be able to get in touch with him again.

But, and it's a big BUT, not only did he send me a text to make sure I was okay, he then offered to meet me at the garage and pay for the damage directly. Again, I wasn't 100% confident that he'd turn up, but I was surprised nevertheless. 

Earlier today, he turned up at the garage, waited with me while they assessed the damage and then paid for all the damage without question. I was utterly amazed. What a thoroughly decent chap. It's enough to restore my faith in humanity. For a while, at least. 

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