Tuesday, 25 March 2014

5:2 diet - an update

I haven't posted an update on my dieting / weight loss in a while, but I'm happy to say that the 5:2 diet is working wonders for me. The simple fact is that I'd much prefer to basically not eat a couple of days a week, and then not be so restricted the rest of the time, rather than just give up carbs or something else I really enjoy - but basically, probably carbs. 

After the initial loss, which has been good, I do now have to admit that I'm going to have to reign it in on the other 5 days if I want to achieve the target weight, but it's still preferable to Atkins / Dukan. For me, those diets are sustainable for a short amount of time - my willpower is pretty good - but I'm never going to permanently give up bread. I just love it too much. So, 5:2 is much better for me. The health benefits are a definite bonus.

As of today, I'm 9 stone 2 pounds. My target weight is 8.5. I've lost more than a stone on the 5:2 since, basically, Christmas. Not bad. But I've been at 9st2lbs for about three weeks now. I have to face facts: I'm not going to lose any more weight eating McDonalds (don't judge - we all do it) and croissants on my non-fast days. Oh well. But if I can kick the extra pounds, and I'm careful 80% of the time, then I'll be well on my way. Hurrah. Ideally, I have an event in May that I'd like to be slimmer for - so that's my incentive. Now it's just a case of putting it into practice.

My goal is to be much more disciplined in the week, so we can still have a takeaway on Friday night. On fast days, no more than 500 calories - so that's easy. On the other days, I will stick to salad for lunch (ideally, tuna, lettuce and avocado) and then fish/ chicken and vegetables for dinner. Even if I can stick to that on the other week days, that hopefully will help shift some of the extra pounds. 

If you know of any tip top recipes that are going to help, let me know. I'm always open to new food ideas!

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