Monday, 2 December 2013

Sickness, school work and shopping

Well, apparently being productive doesn't really agree with me. After such a productive day a couple of weeks ago I have been struck down by a dreaded coughing lurgy that prevents me sleeping, eating and even, at points, talking. (I do draw the line at that.)

It would appear that it's finally starting to get better - which is lucky, because our nanny is on holiday this week - but I don't want to tempt fate, so I'm off to bed fairly sharpish. In the meantime though, I have managed to almost complete the Christmas shopping (result) - I just need to get writing the cards now. I don't mind this job if I start early and can spread them out. I do not like this job if I have to do it all in one go in a rush. It's ditto for the present wrapping. 

Any spare energy I've had has had to go one trying to figure out statistics. I've only got two weeks of the course left, and I have begun to understand chi-squared (although I still have no idea why), but I dread to think what is going to happen come exam time. Disaster, no doubt. But, I even managed to squeeze in some Christmas shopping while on campus - they sell cute baby gros that will serve very well for both tiniest Martini and my sister's recent arrival (he's about six weeks older than my youngest. They are getting pretty much exactly the same presents). 

I will be posting quite a bit during December - including pictures of the tree and decs (what's not to love?), recipes to try and beauty reviews. Stay tuned!

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