Monday, 11 November 2013

Getting into the festive spirit...

As the big retailers roll out their Christmas adverts (the John Lewis one is on as I type - and I love it!), there's no longer any chance of avoiding it - Christmas is well and truly on its way. With daughter number one's birthday behind us, the last remaining barrier is Mr. M's birthday (it's a big one) at the end of the month. Rest assured, I've already planned our trip to buy the tree on Sunday 1 December. (If I had my way, the decorations would be going up the weekend before - but no matter.)

(More on Mr. M's birthday plans later - I don't want to give too much away...)

The Christmas shopping is underway - I'd say about 60% done and I'm planning to make the mincemeat - and maybe the cake, which I've not done before - this week. Hurrah. This week will mainly be about:

Attempting to finish my Christmas shopping I can't really relax until it's done. 
Baking and tasting galore Well, calories don't count in December, right?
A well deserved shopping trip Primark Christmas jumpers are top of the list. I've put a picture of the Rudolf one above, but I've also got my eye on a cheeky snowman one...
Tasting a Starbucks chocolate orange mocha Gingerbread lattes have already been drunk, but I'm always open to new things (well, most of the time)
Music Making sure my Christmas tunes are on my current mp3 player. I simply cannot last any longer without them. The silver bells are ringing!

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