Friday, 11 October 2013

A new way to shop

This definitely falls into the category of 'need to get out more' - but I had to share: this Shop as you Scan service at Tesco is bloody fantastic. 

Reading the BBC news, it appears that the Weybridge Tescos is quite behind the times - it only arrived a couple of weeks ago - and I used it for the first time this week. Not only does it mean you can pack your bags (who actually uses carrier bags now? It concerns me that it seems to be a news story that supermarkets are set to charge 5p a bag from 2020 or whenever it is - I thought they did that now - but I digress) as you go round, meaning you don't have to unload the trolley and then reload everything, which is enough in itself, but it also has all manner of technology on the scanner, so you can see how much you're spending as you go round. If that wasn't enough, it also tells you when items are on offer (just in case you've missed the huge yellow labels screaming BUY SIX rather than just two). 

I know it's just because it's new, but the staff were super helpful and it saved huge amounts of time at the till. In short, this is a genius service. I'm usually more of a Sainsburys' girl but I honestly think this might convert me - especially for the 'big' shops. Tesco 1, Sainsburys 0. 

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