Thursday, 10 October 2013

Christmas is a-coming...

I cannot believe how quickly the time is passing - it's already October, which means its only three months until maternity leave is over and it's back to work. Boo. 

It's difficult to be sad about this, though, because I LOVE this time of year. I was reminded of this by a post from Miss Budget Beauty and realised it was okay to post about plans that are well underway for the festive season. Updated make-up for the party season (even if I only get to go to one party - details, people, details) - check. Present shopping - about half way there - check. Menus planned - check. Preparations for chutneys and Christmas cake done? Check. My friends, you should probably start calling me a domestic goddess. (Okay. This is probably a step too far - but you should note that the festive biscuit workshop place is already secured. You've been warned.)

I am seriously looking forward to Halloween this year. The in-laws (who arrive next week) are bringing goodies (as well as some long over due staples) from the US, which simply cannot be beaten for this time of year. Cue pumpkin carving, fancy dress and sweets (or should that be candy?!) galore. I'm also going to attempt some seriously good nail art, courtesy of MissJen Fabulous - see more detail here

Stay tuned for more updates, my (probably dodgy) version of nail art and Christmas celebrations. Oh, and I've read that it's possible to 'decorate' your blog - I must look into that too...

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