Monday, 9 September 2013

Super storage - vacuum bags

I am an absolute sucker for anything storage-related; I'm verging on OCD and having a place for everything is almost a religion. Smallest Martini is now almost 8 weeks old so I'm starting to get some time to myself - cue organising the house. It hasn't really been done since we moved in two years ago - mainly because it would appear that I'm always pregnant and thus too tired to lug heavy, bulky items around. But, no more! What joy.

A well-earned trip to Lakeland (am I the only one that could spend hours in this shop? I do worry about some of the products they sell in there - a stand for a stirring spoon, anyone? - but seriously, I could spend whole days just looking at all the different wares) was in order. I left with multiple vacuum pack bags and also these fantastic vacuum tote bags - which basically have vacuum bags in them but then shrink down into a tote bag that zips up and is stackable. It even has a clear panel so you can see what's inside. Lakeland, you are spoiling us...

I've used vacuum bags before, but they've never quite worked - maybe they were okay once or twice, but then they stop sealing properly. These bags, however, are guaranteed for five years - so even though they were a bit more expensive, I'm hopeful that they will last. If they don't, I'll be complaining. 

Check out the tote bags here and the regular vacuum bags here. Argos also has cheaper options if that's your preference. 

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