Friday, 20 September 2013

It's the small things...

Blatantly ripping off Inspired by the great post by Lipstick and Lace (and I don't think she'll mind me mentioning that she, too, was 'inspired' - this time by Mummy Limited) I thought I would join in the fun and list some of the smaller pleasures in life. This is in part because, for the first time in a very long time, I actually have some time to take pleasure in the smaller things - and both of their posts made me pause and remember what's important in life. So, here goes:

Maternity leave, being paid through maternity leave so I don't have to choose between food and another Clarins skincare product (obviously just me - I wouldn't deprive the children...), making lists of all the things that need organising in the house, crossing off items on the list, practicing Halloween cupcake recipes with the children, the children actually liking the cakes (even if they aren't the most discerning audience), the school run.
I've never done the school run before - stay with me. 

Getting my figure back after child number four, wearing my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans and not feeling ridiculous (eat your heart out Kate Middleton), getting out the winter jumpers, not wearing the winter jumpers for just a couple more days, putting the wool blanket on the bed for the first time. 

A really, really good glass of red wine while all four children are asleep (these moments are very precious), an uninterrupted hot bath, shopping now the children are all back at school, an Indian takeaway (or any takeaway for that matter) with Mr. Martini. 

Starting the Christmas shopping, planning the Halloween costumes and decorations, knowing I still have time for both. The 'start of a new term' feeling, the possibilities stretching out before you, the extra hour in bed (hopefully) when the clocks go forward. Being completely comfortable with where I am in life. 

Everyday, I am reminded how lucky I am - I wouldn't change a thing. 

Oh, and Mummy Limited - you're totally right - Radio 4 rocks. And I don't care if that makes me sound old!

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  1. Love this and love one post has inspired so many people