Thursday, 26 September 2013

A good day's shopping

I do love it when a shopping trip comes together. I went out on a bit of a mission today, and literally every single thing I purchased was at a discount price - or, in one case, totally free. Can't argue with that! If you want to see the haul, read on...

First up, some self-indulgent purchases from No. 7. I'm not a huge fan of their make-up usually, but when I get the £5 off skincare/£3 off make-up vouchers they do every so often, I usually do find something to buy. To make things even more of a bargain, these vouchers are still valid with the 'buy one, get one half price' offer currently running on the make-up. So, I got the toner for £3 (instead of £8), the BB Lips in Ballerina for £8.50 (full price) and the Smoky Powder Eyeliner in brown for £4 (instead of £8). Result. I'm especially excited to use the eyeliner. 

Next up - a total freebie courtesy of Martin Lewis (thanks Martin). In short, show the voucher on your phone (or you can print it if you're old school) and they will give you a hand cream absolutely free. I was offered a choice of three - almond, hemp or wild rose - I went for wild rose, because it has an SPF of 15 and my other hand creams don't. Smells lovely too. 

On to H&M - this was a pitstop as I'm planning a longer clothes shopping session in the not too distant future - but UNiDAYS is currently offering 20% off all items at H&M for all students, and I definitely need to make the most of that. So I got this jumper for £12 instead of £15. I can't find it online, but it's basically a sparkly blue jumper - perfect, I think, for the forthcoming season. 

If, like me, you have to buy about eleven billionty presents for childrens' parties in the next few weeks, you won't go far wrong with a trip to The Works. I picked up these three books for £10 (£5 individually) - perfect as presents I think. Certainly my kids love new story books and at least it's not going to lose all the pieces or break too quickly. 

In a less than glamourous end to this haul, I also picked up two packs of nappies for daughter number two in Superdrug (I'm a massive fan of Superdrug right now, as they do a 10% student discount on everything) - two packs on offer for £7, and I had an additional 20% coupon, so I paid a mere £5.40 for 50 nappies. I won't bore you with a picture of those, though. 

With all this bargain hunting, I won't feel guilty about clothes shopping next week, that's for sure!

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