Friday, 30 August 2013

When in doubt, fake it

In preparation for even thinner hair, I finally gave in and bought a 'hair piece'. I've been considering a variety of extensions for a prolonged period of time, but at the moment, the chances of me finding the time to put in and then style a 10-piece set are non-existent. What better solution, then, than a hair wrap - basically, a scrunchie with a load of synthetic hair whacked on the elastic.

I draw the line at the rat-like looking pieces in Claire's Accessories, but the reviews of the Hot Hair pieces were pretty promising, and with an offer over the Bank Holiday, I guessed there wouldn't be a better time to give one a try. 

The image of the chosen piece at Hot Hair was, I guessed, unlikely to be achieved:

but, I have to admit, when it arrived today, I was pleasantly surprised. It blends well with my own hair and is super simple to style - I put my hair in a basic folded ponytail and then wrap the scrunchie around it and, voila, double the amount of hair. 

The photo below doesn't quite do it justice; it's not as dark as it looks here, and also, I'll admit it looks a bit rat-like in the photo. I promise it looks much better in situ. It will be interesting to see how it holds up after a few wears - I'll post an update once I know. 

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