Sunday, 22 July 2012

The greatest show on earth

The countdown has started...

I cannot believe it's less than one week to go - after 18 months, it's almost here and will be over too quickly. Even the weather seems to finally be turning. Yes, the media is having a field-day with all things negative (#chipgate has been my favourite so far), but I think people are really starting to get excited. Of course, it really helps that Bradley Wiggins has pulled in such a fantastic result - who'd have ever thought it? Personally, I can't believe he's still competing in another race and is then planning to just pop along to the Olympic time trial a week later. Lucky for me though, because he's cycling right past my house. I'm betting there'll be a few more people than previously planned to step out in support, thanks to his historic win. What a great way to start off the Olympics. 

I'm working every day now until 12 August. I'm going to be at the Park most of the time, but I'll be at home for the road race and time trail and I'm also hoping to get to Eton Dorney at some point (make sure you're shouting for Tim Brabants - he's a legend). Stay tuned for photos and updates galore. I can't wait. 

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