Saturday, 28 July 2012

Proud to be British

What luck. I managed to watch the Opening Ceremony last night from some of the best seats in the house - and although I didn't get home until almost 5am, it was definitely worth it. Amazing. Absolutely bloody amazing. Without doubt, the best production I've ever seen.

Sky said it 'lived up to the hype' (no mean feat for Sky, which I generally regard as the broadcast equivalent of the Daily Mail). The Telegraph said we've proved we're 'a country that can still put on a show'. And The Washington Post reported it as 'an event celebrating the shared culture of the English-speaking world.' In short, I think we can conclude it was a success.

Personally, I loved some bits more than others; James Bond and The Queen were pure genius, David Beckham was brilliant and the music sequences were fantastic. Similarly Rowan Atkinson was hysterical. But I'd leave out Paul McCartney (really, he proved he's no longer up to the job at the Jubilee concert - hopefully this was the final nail in the coffin) and I thought the athletes parading went on for too long - although I appreciate they are the true stars of the show. 

Celebrity spots included David Walliams, Heston Blumenthal, Cliff Richard (does that count? Probably not) and the cast of Downton Abbey. As a keen Hugh Bonneville fan, I had no choice but to nip over and say a quick hello - what a gentleman. Lovely guy. Not quite as good as me chatting to Boris Johnson, but almost...

This morning, Martini Towers was up in force to see Team GB in the road race - and how fantastic was that? The crowds were huge and the general atmosphere is that the party has arrived. Long may it continue...

I'm always proud to be English, but today I'm honoured to be British. 

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