Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilation abound

What a fantastic weekend we had at Martini Towers. We headed down to the Garden Party at Hampton Court on the Saturday, which turned out to be a very sunny affair (there was a slight wardrobe malfunction, as when we left, it was bloody freezing and there was a small heatwave by the time we arrived. Long sleeve t-shirts were not suitable). Other than that, though, it was good fun.

On Monday, our street had a party - the road was closed and everything. This strategy for a party is highly recommended - no need to travel, easy access to beds and other requirements for multiple children, and constant access to your own fridge for champagne supplies. Perfect. And, as you can see from the picture above, we fully entered into the spirit of things - that's Eldest Martini in a hat that's far too big for him, but he refused to take it off, nevertheless. 

Another picture of our street party:

Admittedly, not the best weather we could have hoped for, but since when would we let that stop us? Even better, all the bunting and flags can be stored for a short time, and then brought out again in time for London 2012. Recycling at its best!

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