Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Updating a minimalist wardrobe

For those that don't remember, or haven't shared my pain, my normal (and by that I mean 'non-maternity') wardrobe is severely lacking. I was reminded of this when I lay out my normal clothes - I'm back in my old jeans (praise the Lord) - and I thought that it would be a good idea to sort my wardrobe into winter and summer items. There's actually no need, because I don't have enough to separate out. But I won't start going on about that again. (Mr. Martini - you have married a saint.)

However, it does give me a great excuse to go a bit shopping crazy now I'm getting back into shape. My general aim is to buy fewer items, of better quality, but there's no doubt that I'm still tempted by fleetingly trendy pieces from the likes of Primark. Or so I thought. It would appear that I'm going to have to trek over to Hammersmith to get hold of their decent stock. I may well do this next week - stay tuned on that. 

But, I have spied a couple of items that I'll be trying to purchase in the sale. There's this fab green maxi dress from Hobbs:

Basically a summer maxi dress, but a bit much at £119. 

And there's the Davina dress from LK Bennett:

There's a huge variety of colours - I actually like the plum - but £225 is again a bit much for someone not earning whilst on maternity leave, so fingers crossed for the sale. When do the sales start, anyway?

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