Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Getting back on the fashion wagon

It has been nine very long months, but I'm finally thinking about getting back into normal clothes and updating myself on the latest trends. Quite frankly, my whole maternity wardrobe is going straight to the charity shop (I'll get Mr. Martini on that) - I'm sick of the sight of it. If I do have another, I'll be treating myself to some new maternity clothes. 

Given that I'm not quite back to my normal size (but the diet has started), I'm starting with bags and shoes. I desperately need a decent work bag to carry a laptop, but unfortunately don't have the money to buy the Mulberry one I should have bought when I saw it in the outlet shop in Bath (it's now been discontinued, so that will teach me). Given my financial constraints, I'm opting for this one in the meantime. I absolutely love the satchel style and the quality of the leather looks fantastic - I will, of course, report back as and when I order it. 

Scaramanga, Medium Overlander, £105
The only slight concern is that it's not as professional looking as some other options, but I don't care at this point. 

On top of this, I've found the shoes I'm going to buy if I get a bonus from work (not definite) - they are a fantastic pair of nude wedges from Russell and Bromley. Unbelievably, this shop does not really have a website (see for yourself) but I will take a picture when I next visit the store (hopefully this week). They cost £265. But they are perfect. On a slightly more cost effective note, I love these:

Hawaiian floral peep toe shoes, New Look, £24.99
They will probably cut your feet to shreds, and obviously will only last for the summer (and who'd want them come September? They certainly won't be back in fashion for some time) but for £25, who can complain? Bargain. Get them here

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