Thursday, 26 April 2012

Drum roll please... It's a girl!

It's been a long old wait, but on Saturday 21 April at 6.06am, our beautiful daughter was born. It hadn't been a good night. In short, I was in early labour and was admitted to the hospital at about 7pm. Unfortunately, the labour didn't progress and I wanted to go home - they wouldn't let me (so different from St. Thomas' - they'd have held the door open, I reckon) and instead opted to break my waters at 4.30am. I wasn't keen - mainly because if it didn't kick start labour, they would then have started pumping me full of drugs to get things going. And after birth number 1, I really didn't want that. But, it wasn't my choice, so no point getting upset about it.

There was no need to worry anyway. Almost instantly, the mega contracts started. They were double the intensity I was experiencing before and we were reassured the second stage of labour was on its way. Perhaps slightly less reassuring was the speed with which things progressed. It took just 90 minutes to go from proper contractions to birth. I wouldn't exactly describe it as a pain-free experience, but at least it was over quickly.

And the end result was totally worth it. What a beauty. Weighing in at a healthy 7lb 3oz, our darling daughter (to be known hence force as Tiny Martini) could not be more perfect. Am I sleeping? No. Am I coping being outnumbered by children in my own home? No. But am I happy? You betcha. 

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