Saturday, 24 March 2012

38 weeks and counting...

It's official. I'm exhausted, I can't really walk and I'm in pain. In short, I have to admit defeat. The third pregnancy has won.

Next week, I'll be 39 weeks pregnant. Yes, the photo above reminds me that it's all worth it, but next week is also my last week at work, so it's going to be a tough week. Commuting on crutches is no fun (the SPD is worse this time) and my workload seems to have tripled in a week. Ho hum. 

This pregnancy seems to have been quicker than the others. Have I packed a hospital bag? No. Have we ordered the cot? No. We've identified the new car (read: van) we need, but have we bought one? No. In fact, do we even have any nappies? No. I know people tend to be a bit more relaxed with third children, but this is ridiculous. My mission this weekend is to try and resolve at least some of these. 

All of that said, things always look better in the sunshine. Once the baby is born, I'll be able to move again and play with the Martini children in the garden. I can't wait - and it's not long to go now. Everything else will work out. I hope. 

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  1.  Many congrats, loved reading your story and look forward to following along!