Saturday, 11 February 2012

Winter skincare - pregnancy style

With the sub-zero temperatures, my skin has hit an all-time low. Pregnancy number one didn't impact my skin at all. In my eighth month of pregnancy number two, my skin suddenly became so dry I needed to apply body oil, which my skin absolutely drank, twice a day. It's now pregnancy number three (I think I need my head tested), I'm seven months in and you'd be forgiven for thinking I'd been on holiday for a month - let me assure you I haven't - with the amount of flaking that's going on. 

So, the skincare regime has been stepped up a notch (or three). Naturally, I have zero time, so the products have to be quick and effective. I'm using Clarins Renew-Plus Body Serum (£37) on my arms and legs, Clarins Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel (£40.50 - not cheap, but seen me successfully through two pregnancies, and holding it's own in this one -  if it's not broken and all that...) on my bust and Neal's Yard Mothers Balm (£19.50) on my expanding tummy. I've successfully made it through twice with no stretch marks, and I don't intend to start now. That said, I've used a whole raft of tummy creams during my time and to be honest I don't think one's is better than another - I think the most important thing is to just keep moisturising. The more the better. I have the Bio Oil in reserve for when things get really bad. 

My face is holding up much better. I strongly believe this is due to the absolutely amazing Clarisonic I got for Christmas. I'm currently using the Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate (£55 for 30ml), which is fantastic, and then just good old Olay Classic Care Beauty Fluid (at £4.69 you really cannot go wrong) - although I've heard good things about Soap & Glory 6-in-1 Superboost Moisture Lotion (£12), and I might switch to that when the Olay runs out. That's right - it's all rock 'n' roll at Martini Towers :-)

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