Friday, 24 February 2012

Splashing about on the river

I really do love my job. I spent the day with Tim Brabants, current Olympic kayaking champion, and it never fails to amaze me how inspirational Olympic athletes are. Their dedication and commitment to their sport is just astounding. I'd love to think that if I could just find the capability to train three times a day, I could be an Olympic champion too, but if I'm really honest, that's probably just not true. (Okay, it's definitely not true, but let's not focus on detail.)

On Sunday, I'm going to the diving at the Aquatics Centre at the Olympic Park. This is very exciting - I was really hoping for tickets to the diving for London 2012, but wasn't lucky enough to get them in the ballot - so this is the next best thing. I'll either be seeing the 3m springboard final, or the 10m final. Either one is good for me. 

And last week, Mr. Martini was my representative at the Velodrome. He saw Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton. Not a bad day out...

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