Sunday, 19 February 2012

People Carrier - the final nail in the coffin

You know you've crossed a line, and are never coming back, when you finally give in and admit you have no choice but to purchase a people carrier. They aren't pretty, and they certainly aren't hip, but unfortunately, regular sized cars are not going to cut it with three kids under three. The size of the car seats alone is enough to foil most cars. Couple that with the need for a Phil and Ted's, a Maclaren and enough kit to rival a small branch of Mothercare and voila - you're in people carrier territory. 

After some serious research (well, as much as you can do in this area - it's as boring as buying bed sheets), we've opted for a Chrysler - the Grand Voyager. This surprises me, because the conversation with the salesman in the shop went as follows:

Him: What are you looking for?
Me: A car that fits a family of five comfortably, including luggage. 
Him: Anything in particular that the car needs to have?
Me: No.Main issue is budget.I'm not bothered too much about mileage - just that it runs well and isn't too old. I seriously don't care what extras it has - it just needs to fit us, and I don't want those random swivel seat things. I want the chairs that fold up into the floor (I have since discovered this is called 'Stow-n-Go', should you ever need this piece of information)
Him: Okay, how about this one (shows me to a monster silver wagon)?
Me: Looks fine. How much is it, and what else do I need to know about it?
Him: Well, it's got leather interior, parking sensors and a DVD system.

Hmmm. Clearly not Salesman of the Year. However, turns out, these cars are the best value for money (and actually, the DVD system has subsequently become an essential). We've come a long way from the days when I used to dream about buying an SLK from Mercedes. 

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