Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Halloween! (How very American of me)

I honestly cannot believe it's Halloween already. Where did 2011 go? Here at Martini Towers we really have go into the Halloween spirit (which I know goes against everything it should do here, but really, I think it's just a bit of harmless fun). Now that we live in the sticks, where the neighbours are friendly and the children actually come knocking for a chocolate bar, rather than to throw eggs at you, we've gone the whole hog and put carved pumpkins out in the front garden. Yes really. If any of the neighbours have spoken to Mr. Martini, no doubt now they'll assume he definitely is American (as opposed to Canadian). 

Elder Martini and I baked some Halloween cakes this morning. Okay, they are just fairy cakes, with rather scary icing and chocolate buttons. I'll be surprised if any last until tomorrow. But, we are rather proud of our efforts:

(That's orange glitter by the way. Can't go wrong with a bit of glitter.) In other news, you'll be pleased to know that the Christmas shopping is coming along nicely. But, I'm sure this organisation can't last for long...

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