Sunday, 12 June 2011

A slightly pox-ridden Martini Mummy Towers could be moving...

MM Towers is not the best place to be in the world right now. My darling daughter (who, may I remind you is just seven months) has caught the chicken pox. Mini Martini (my two year old son) had it a couple of weeks ago, and that wasn't exactly a walk in the park, but at least we could dose him up with piriton syrup (definitely recommended). Baby Martini, however, is not quite so fortunate (it's not suitable for children under two). All she can make do with is calamine cream, baby calpol and bicarbonate of soda in her bath (yuk - but it is helping). Fingers crossed we're now through the worst, but it is heart breaking to see her suffer so much. If I have any more kids, I'm definitely getting them immunised.

However, in far more exciting news, we've sold our house. Well, I say sold, but of course, this being the English system of selling houses, what that actually means is we've accepted an offer and our crossing our fingers nothing buggers it up. The survey was done last week, so hopefully we should find out if we've passed that test next week. But who knows? 

At the same time, we've found a new place to buy - much bigger, fab garden and a separate playroom. It's heaven. It is also, however, in the suburbs. It's probably not very cool to say this, but I'm really looking forward to it. And, in an attempt to make even the commute more bearable, I've decided I'm going to buy a scooter - a Vespa, naturally - to ride into the City, rather than get on the train. In the summer at least. I'm going to do the CBT on Saturday, which should be interesting. I've never even been on a scooter on holiday. But, how hard can it be? I ride a push bike (and a Boris one at that) around London all the time. Surely a motorised version will just be easier? Plus, I'm going to view a second hand scooter tomorrow night (thank you Gumtree). Now, where can I get one of those retro helmets?