Wednesday, 6 April 2011

It's up to you, New York, New York

We leave in three weeks. There's no doubt that I'm absolutely dreading the travel (not least because I *accidentally* put the wrong date of birth in for my daughter so we could buy her a seat - why on earth there's a restriction on that I have no idea) - approximately 12 hours in airports, taxis and planes will be no fun with a toddler I am certain. But, as the plans come together, I have to admit that I'm genuinely getting excited.

Before we head to NYC, we're making a pit stop in Washington. This is very exciting. There's a plan in the works for me to take a tour of the White House - I've got a feeling it will be exactly like I'm on The West Wing - and apparently Washington at this time of year is beautiful. Then, we're getting on a train (yes, that's how we roll) and going to New York. If the babysitter can be arranged, then Mr. Martini and I will be having a romantic night out at PDT. If there's no babysitter in sight, then it will be a very quite room service meal. But no matter. We will be in a different city and that in itself will be a treat. Even if we're only looking out of the window.

Also, and it's no coincidence, we're staying at The New York Palace, which is right opposite the flagship Banana Republic (my go to shop for staples). Given that Mr. Martini gave away my entire last wardrobe, he can't even moan if I spend more time in there than I do in the hotel. Not for a minute. 

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  1. Ooh have fun. I stayed at the Goosevort which is a hip fun hotel in Manhattan with the hottest bell boys anywhere! Also they have vibrators in the rooms. What a lark