Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Keeping up appearances

The very fabulous notSupermum recently wrote an excellent post on making the effort to put on make-up. It made me think - it is actually possible I make more of an effort now than I did before children. I wear make-up to work every day, do my hair and wear heels (although not to commute in - that would just be silly). But I didn't used to bother. Back in the agency days, trainers, jeans and a comb through the hair - I was set to go. These days, I need to look the part - holding your own with 150 partners is no mean feat. Plus, I think it makes me feel more human - and more than 'just a mum'. I am fearful that if I stayed at home, I may disappear into a heap of loungewear with Homes Under the Hammer on in the background (you can't go wrong with that programme, by the way). But I do love to come home from work, take off the suit, take out my contact lenses and feel ready for the evening. Just add wine. 

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