Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My life in facts - the top ten

1. Finally, at 13 weeks, baby Martini is going through from 10.30pm until about 7am. Quick - book the baby sitter! (In fact, we've already booked the baby sitter. It's a meal out for the grown-ups on Saturday night. No high chairs, bibs or sippy cups in sight. Bliss.)

2. My short term contract finishes on Friday. I've absolutely loved working, but am also looking forward to some time off again. Nothing like having to get up in the morning that makes you realise you've taken 'Homes Under the Hammer' for granted.

3. Yesterday, on the way home on the bus, I sat next to Ashley from Michel Roux's Service. That's just the way I roll. And, if you're wondering, he really does sound like that in real life.

4. My Boris Bike key finally arrived today. Needless to say obtaining that was not a pain free experience, but I won't bore you with the details. I have to say, providing you're not relying on trying to use the terminals (a 'casual' user obviously = loser), the scheme is absolutely brilliant. 

5. Elder Martini's cough has returned. Another trip to the doctor ensued. More drugs have been prescribed. More joy for bedtime.

6. Mr. Martini and I have discovered Mad Men. That's the evenings sorted for the next month then.

7. I have discovered Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. TV gold. 

8. Plans are afoot for my sister's wedding in New York in April. I'm not sure what dress I'm going to wear yet - there are some good options in Coast. I've been more interested in the kids clothes to be honest. Plus I'm also slightly concerned about the logistics of travelling with two children. Is it really worth taking two pushchairs? Car seats? The list goes on...

9. I accidentally discovered, in an email I fished out of my junk mail, the reading list for my MSc course that starts in September. Not a very studious start. I'd also forgotten that text books apparently need to cost £70 for no reason whatsoever. Let's hope that LSE has a second hand book shop.

10. Did I mention that Baby Martini is sleeping through the night?

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Are we nearly there yet? And by there, I mean Friday

So, we're over the hump of the week. Thank goodness. It's only been three days, but I'm not finding full-time work, coupled with two children under two particularly easy. It'll be the lack of sleep that's the main problem. Baby Martini only tends to wake up once between about 11pm (I'm just waiting to do that feed now) and 7am - but that one feed does really make all the difference - it means no more than four hours in any one stretch. And I actually need about ten. I am actually slightly worried that I may be scaring my co-workers - although they are still too polite to say anything - which is at least one bonus to freelancing. 

It is, in all honesty, slightly weird to be back in the workplace. My brain actually did hurt on Monday - it's been quite a while since I had to look at stats or write a press release. Plus, I missed Homes Under The Hammer. But, having a nanny is absolute bliss. As well as the necessary caring for the baby (good), she cleans (without asking), she does the washing and, joy of joys, she sterilises the bottles and prepares the feeds. That is my least favourite job and is worth the money right there. I'll be sad when the day comes that BM is old enough to attend nursery.

So, three days down, two to go. Roll on Friday. Mr. Martini and I might go for a quick drink at the local (if I'm still awake). Then it will be home for a takeaway to see in the weekend. Rock and roll.