Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year and all that

Well, that's Christmas done for another year. I've packed up the decorations (and sorted them all properly - now we have the storage unit, we finally have enough space to pack properly) and the house has returned to some state of normalness (well, ish). Apart from the fact that we look remarkably like a small branch of the Early Learning Centre, you'd never know it was here at all. And in a way, I quite like that, because you have it all to look forward to again. I'm certainly not one of those that gets sad when it's time to finish Christmas - that's what makes it so much fun.

Less fun is the fact I've been sick over the past few days. And not just a cold, but properly bed-ridden. Awful. And the worst of it is, I missed my personal shopping appointment at John Lewis. Which reminds me, I must call them to rebook. 

Now the new year is here, I feel it's time to crack on. Get a new job, lose the baby weight and possibly even move house. I don't really do new year resolutions, but if I did, those would be my three. (Fourth could be 'rebuy my entire wardrobe' - with Mr. Martini footing the bill. Obviously.)

I realised today that I have not exercised for almost six months. This is very bad news. I am completely unfit. I arrived at this conclusion five minutes into the Davina Body Buff workout, which is embarrassing in itself. Usually, I would laugh in the face of such fitness dvds. But, with two children I have unwillingly admitted that the only other type of exercise open to me is running or biking - and for that, Mr. Martini has to be at home to babysit. Which means I can either exercise at some ridiculous time in the morning (why bother going to bed?), in the evening (which, let's face it, is never going to happen) or at the weekends. And my body needs more than twice a week, I assure you. So, after some thorough web research, it seemed like the latest Davina dvd was a good enough choice. 

I've never really done one of these dvds before, but I do recommend this one. I don't know if it actually what it promises (a buff body, I assume) but it certainly got my heart going, which can only be a good thing. Yes, I have to keep the curtains closed and the neighbours are probably wondering what's going on, but worth it when it's raining and cold. Sure, it's no substitute for proper exercise, but surely better than nothing. 

In an attempt not to completely kill myself, I only did the cardio and abs workout today. There are others - legs, some boxing thing and some I can't remember - I'll report back on how good they are. And, whilst I'm a far way off sharing my weight with you, I'll also try and report on how successful they are. Fingers crossed. Probably would help if I cut down on the cake intake too. One step at a time. 

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