Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Happy Christmas to me

I cannot believe this weather, or the fact that it's only three days until Christmas! Luckily, I'm ready, so I can stay  in, enjoy looking out of the window at the snow and eat lots of cake. Perfect.

Before I reached this state of readiness, however, I did have the usual trips round the shops and consequently nearly froze to death. This is mainly because now I have had my baby, the coat I've been wearing for the final stages of my pregnancy is now redundant and, thanks to clothes-gate, I had no coat at all. Not exactly ideal in sub-zero temperatures. So, I decided to treat myself to a new coat (or rather Mr. Martini did the treating - I just did the choosing). And this is what I got:

It's an Arctic Parka from The North Face and it's as warm as a duvet. The hood is fab too. I love it. I would highly recommend this coat if you feel the cold like I do. I wore it all day at the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park and didn't feel remotely cold - and there was a blizzard. Genius. 

Whilst I was in the mood to treat myself, I also decided it was high time to purchase a decent change bag. The free one from Pampers/Boots is all well and good, but I need more of a rucksack to carry around all the gear I need for two kids plus myself. Where better than the mighty John Lewis on Oxford Street to consider the various options? Where indeed. After much consideration, I opted for this one from StorkSak:

It's enormous and clever enough to attach to a bugaboo - which is a winner with me. Enough compartments for all my stuff too, which helps. And this brilliant key chain attachment so the days of rooting around for hours on end to fish out my keys are finally over. Mr. Martini was even impressed with that. (He was less impressed about the cost of the bag - £96 - when, in his opinion, we have one already for free - but he was on dodgy ground and wisely decided to keep quiet). 

Yes, it may only be days until Father Christmas pops down the chimney, but I'm still a big fan of a treat just to help deal with the excitement. Not, you understand, a sentiment I'll be passing on to my children. I hope. 

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