Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Three weeks in...

I'm finally starting to emerge from the 'newborn fog' - but only just. I can scarcely believe that Baby Martini is already three weeks old - it goes so quickly! Put simply, it's marvellous. I'm not sure if this is because I'm much more aware that I should enjoy it this time, or just because I'm more relaxed - maybe it's a combination of the two. Either way, I'm loving it! Admittedly, I'm not loving the lack of sleep (I'd somehow managed to erase that from my memory) but other than that, it's great.

We had our first major trip out yesterday - shopping, naturally. Not for me, unfortunately (and not really much Christmas stuff either - that's for later this week) but for Mr. Martini - it's his birthday today. I'd also forgotten how many people want to talk to you when you have a brand new baby in the pushchair. Most are lovely, although I can do without the very helpful "Oh, she's hungry" (she's not, I've just fed her) and "Oh, she's cold" (she's not, she has three blankets on. She is tired and needs to go to sleep) comments, but generally, I've never been so popular. 

And so, to Christmas. Only 25 days to go. I'm mostly ready and so am looking forward to wandering round Westfield (simply put, the best place ever to go with a newborn) and just enjoying the festivities. I need to buy a beautiful dress for Baby Martini and outfit for Elder Martini to wear on Christmas day. Although this could be done in about five minutes flat, I'm going to do serious research. The truth is that the clothes for baby girls are just better - I'm hoping that the boys clothes improve as they get older. Otherwise, EM will be going to Hugo Boss far earlier than I'd like!

PS Loving the snow! 

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