Thursday, 4 November 2010

Child number two - the story so far...

I'm actually starting to think that this is a phantom pregnancy - instead of a baby in there, I have, in fact, just eaten too much cake. It's almost embarrassing how bad my body clearly is at delivering a baby. To give you a quick run down:

Thursday 28 October (that's right, a week ago) - had some mild contractions during the night. Perfectly bearable, but was pleased to think the baby might be arriving earlier than scheduled. (Ahh, the irony.)

Friday 29 October. Had 40 week appointment with my midwife. I told her about the mild contractions. I had a few during my assessment - she confirmed they were proper contractions (not Braxton Hicks) and said that she thought I'd have the baby in the next few days. We almost didn't make an appointment for 41 weeks - but, as it now turns out, it's lucky that we did. 

Saturday 30 October. Contractions now getting more painful and increasing in frequency. After a very uncomfortable day, we waited until the contractions were six minutes apart and then headed for the hospital. "It's finally happening," I thought. Chance would be a bloody fine thing.

Sunday 31 October. Nothing. Big fat nothing. Contractions just stop, I get monitored overnight and nothing. To be fair to the staff at St. Thomas', they were lovely, telling me this is very common and to just be patient. So, we go home (via McDonald', for a nutritious, healthy breakfast, naturally), expecting things to pick up again that evening. They did not.

Monday 1 November. Some mild contractions, but essentially nothing. 

Tuesday 2 November. As Monday.

Wednesday 3 November. I have now officially begun to question whether or not there is a baby in there. And even if there is, will it ever come out? What is s/he waiting for? Christmas?

Today (Thursday 4 November) - as yet, nothing exciting to report. I've had some quite stomach cramps, but to be honest, I don't think I'll believe anything is happening until the baby comes out. Which could be problematic, but I'll worry about that later.

In short, I am bored. Bored of waiting for it to happen, bored of having to report to numerous people that "no, there's still no baby" and bored of being in mild pain. Yes, I've tried everything (and I do mean everything) to try and encourage this baby out, but I've come to the conclusion they want to stay in there. Obviously, they aren't going to win that battle forever, but for the moment at least, it seems it's 1-0 to the baby. I'll keep you posted.

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