Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Keeping up-to-date

I knew that I hadn't blogged for a while, but I cannot believe the last time was 13 August. That's appalling. I have been ridiculously busy, but given that I'm no longer working, I don't think this is a very reasonable excuse. It's amazing how stopping suddenly makes you more tired. So, a quick re-cap on what's been happening:

1. I have been diagnosed with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction - SPD for ease. It's basically pain in your pelvis, and it bloody hurts. There's no real way to treat it, although I am seeing a specialist next week to get a very attractive belt to help hold things in place. Lovely. Also, as an extra kicker, there's a possibility I'll end up on crutches before the end of the pregnancy. Lovely again. 

2. I've got anemia. I'm prone to it in normal life anyway, so it's not exactly a shock, but I do love rattling around like a pill box. Not.

3. I have finished knitting my first proper garment - a jumper for baby Martini (soon to be renamed). It's not brilliant and it's full of mistakes, but I feel very proud of my efforts. For a first attempt, I reckon it's not a total embarrassment. See for yourself:

4. Mr. Martini and I have booked a get away to Bath. It's only two days but Baby Martini will be staying with his grandparents, so it will be a proper rest. Hopefully. I do remember that the only other time we went away childless (to a friend's wedding) our eagerly awaited lie-in lasted until an embarrassingly early 8am. The shame.

5. I am almost ready to kick off my freelancing career. I have a couple of meetings later this week, so stay tuned - there's a distinct possibility I could become a company owner before the week is out!

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