Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday Fashion Fix

Now, I know it's only August, but all the doom and gloom outside is making me think of winter. This coat, from the lovely Primark, is part of the new Autumn/Winter range, and is due in shops from October. If it was available now, I think I might have worn it today! I love it. And knowing Primarni it will be a bargain. Yes, the buttons will need changing and it will only last one season, but who cares? Fabulous.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Science Museum - Scientifically Proven to be a Winner

This is a good question generally, but actually refers to one of the themes currently being investigated at the Science Museum (I tried to nick their logo, but the website wouldn't let me). In short, this place was bloody amazing. Admittedly, full of school children that I could do without, but then again, it is the holidays, so what did I expect?

As I have now officially started my maternity leave, we've decided to take Baby Martini's nursery days down to only three days a week, which leaves me two days a week to fill. I have discovered that staying at home watching Judge Judy does not count as valuable entertainment for a toddler. (Or adults, if we're really honest, but let's not go there now.)

So, this morning, armed with a picnic and the pushchair, we braved the outside world. Had I done research, I would have known that there is a whole area in the basement dedicated for children to run riot in. As I hadn't, I can't really claim responsibility for this flash on genius - nevertheless, BM was in his element. And, of course, I will later claim I had planned the whole thing.

We had hours of fun playing with the springs, the various water elements, the light and sound displays and the other activities on offer. He was almost too tired to eat his lunch afterwards! And on that note, the facilities are fantastic - buggy parks, areas to picnic in (so you don't have to spend £100 on a tiny hotdog) - you name it, they've thought of it. And - and this is the best bit - it's free. They ask for a £3 donation, but it's not enforced - so you can give as much or as little as you like.

I may be a bit behind the curve here, but I really did not realise that places like this existed. There's no stopping me now. And I've got a sneaking suspicion that BM will be forever grateful that his Jeremy Kyle watching days have become a thing of the past. 

Monday, 9 August 2010

28 weeks and counting

Unbelievably, I am already 28 weeks pregnant. It's funny, because the first 12 weeks (when you can't tell anyone) went by painfully slowly - but since then, it's flown past. And whilst I haven't exactly loved this pregnancy, it hasn't been that bad either. I am, however, really bad at keeping up with the various milestones of pregnancy - so I did some Google research and this is what I've found:

1. The baby is now about 15 inches long and weighs just over 2lb. Which is interesting, because I look somewhat similar to a whale. Guess all the rest of it must be fluid. Definitely not all the additional cake I've been 'craving'. 
2. The baby's eyes are now open. Good-o. 
3. My weight gain will start to steadily increase (it hasn't already?) and I'll be more tired, apparently. Good to know that full on exhaustion is headed my way. 
4. "You may start to get headaches, backaches, more itching and heartburn. These are all common." Brilliant. 

Now I remember why I don't pay too much attention to what's going on. Apparently, I should also be thinking about packing my hospital bag. I'm not falling for this old trick again. Last time, I diligently packed snacks, my mp3 player and other items to keep me entertained. What you actually need is a big sign saying 'Give me the drugs NOW' (so you don't have to speak) and lots of pillows. Yes, really, St. Thomas' isn't so big on these luxuries. And maybe an eye mask, so you can sleep once the drugs kick in. Because, I remember well, it's the last chance I'll have for some shut eye in quite a while...

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Stalking for Charity

Before I start, let me point out that I am most definitely in favour of charity giving. I have regular donations to charities that are particularly close to my heart (the British Heart Foundation, for example) and always sponsor friends in their various charity activities. Why anyone would choose to run the marathon is beyond me, but you've got to admire their dedication. 

However, what I am not in favour of is being stalked down the high street usually by young 20-somethings, sporting a branded t-shirt and a clipboard. You'll notice that they hunt in packs, with some targeting people walking one way, and the rest targeting those going in the opposite direction. This means, of course, that if you need to come back on yourself, you're likely to be harassed twice, instead of just once. 

I understand that everyone has a job to do and that this is being done in a good cause. But the simple fact is, I can't support every charity in existence and making a bee-line for me on the street is not going to embarrass me into signing up. I either already support the charity, or have decided not to. No one is convincing me mid-shop. Of course, some clipboard sporters are perfectly pleasant when I say I am not interested (I do not try to avoid eye contact and hurry past them in an attempt to avoid a conversation - although I've been told that this approach does also work). What I find more irritating is rudeness. Some recent comebacks have included:

"Everyone can spare £2 a month - even you"
"You look like you can afford to give to charity"
"You'll regret this"

Quite frankly, shouting at me is not going to induce me to sign up. I'm sure it makes the clipboard gang feel better, but, if anything, it gives me a worse impression of the charity. 

There is hardly a high street that I've been to recently that hasn't featured one charity or another recruiting for new members. So, I can only assume that this strategy must be successful - otherwise it wouldn't still be going. But I won't be handing over my details anytime soon.