Sunday, 25 July 2010

It's time for a holiday

I was inspired by the most recent blog post by excellent blogger Babyrambles. She was challenged to spend £9.50 on something better than a holiday (The Sun is running an offer selling holidays for £9.50. What you actually get for this price is unknown to me - I'm guessing it's not two weeks, all expenses paid at the Atlantis Dubai - but nevertheless, a holiday for less than a tenner sounds pretty good to me). 

Some ideas that occurred to me:
1. A winning lottery ticket (really goes without saying but top of the list anyway)
2. A bottle of wine that I can drink with my husband - six months in, and there are still three to go before I can properly enjoy a glass or two guilt free. The state I'm in at the moment, a bottle of wine is far less effort than traveling on holiday!
3. Some new books for mini Martini. The enjoyment he gets from his books is unbelievable and his laughter makes my heart swell every time I hear it
4. Debbie Bliss wool - although you'd only get three balls for £9.00 (at the most!). Don't judge, but I'm finding knitting increasingly therapeutic - I know, I know, I'm aging in dog years
5. Dinner at the Mirch Masala in Tooting. It may not be posh, but it's the best Indian food outside of India. And cheap - what more could you want?

In short (and you won't hear me saying this often), it would appear The Sun has got it right on this occasion. There aren't many better ways to spend £9.50 - so check out the details here.

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