Thursday, 1 April 2010

My definition of a holiday

Our office is closing early today, as part of the Easter holiday. For me, the build to Easter this year has been particularly anticipated, as both husband and I have been abstemious during Lent. We have both given up alcohol. I have also given up chocolate, cakes, biscuits and sweets. It hasn't been easy, but as Easter Sunday draws nearer, we both admit we feel seriously satisfied that we have achieved our goal. Plus, the lovely glass of red wine and bar of Dairy Milk I'm planning for Sunday are both going to taste seriously good.

Anyway, the news of early closing has really injected a feeling of good will across the office. Seriously, it's almost like Christmas. And the main question doing the rounds is: what are you up to for the holiday? The majority are heading away for the weekend, one person is hosting a party and one poor guy is working. Me? I'm doing NOTHING. That's right - no traumatic travelling (which equals hours of 'fun' stuck in a car or other vehicle that's not moving), no plans to host anyone (sorry family) and no commitments. I do have a vague plan to cook D a romantic lazy breakfast tomorrow (inspired by Miss Dahl - obviously without the breathy voice and ridiculous stories to accompany the preparation) but even that isn't decided yet. Maybe we'll take junior to the park if it's not tipping down and head to the pub on Monday for a well deserved tipple (small for me, naturally - I'm still pregnant) - but maybe we won't. We'll just play it by ear. A four day weekend, with no plans other than to relax and rest - now that's my definition of a holiday!

Happy Easter all xxx

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