Monday, 12 April 2010

How much?

I am officially in trouble with him indoors. When we decided to have our beloved son Christened, we agreed that it would be a low key, low cost event - there was no need to go overboard - it would just be a good day with friends and family. Hmmm. After ordering the cake this morning, which was no easy task as the girl at the end of the phone seemed to have no idea whatsoever about cake making or decorating. Or taking orders for that matter. However, after ordering the cake, I decided to have a final run through the budget. This is how it worked out:

Invitations - £60. (Done online, in order to achieve maximum savings)
Champagne - £350. And this isn't the expensive stuff. Damn.
Food - £140 - sandwiches were a no go, as they won't deliver on a Sunday. Think mini quiches, chicken bites and anything else that will last two days from collection.
Outfit for the star of the show (my son, not me) - £60
Cake - £70. Seriously. And (as noted above) I'm not convinced that we won't end up with a birthday cake for a ten year old.
Plates, napkins, balloons and all that malarkey - £45.
Soft drinks - £30.

This adds up to just over £750. Plus, it doesn't include thank you cards, any of the postage or any of the potential costs of broken glasses from the glass hire providers. And, naturally, it doesn't include the new bag or shoes that I've also bought - well, I reckon it's a bit unfair to expect hubbie to pay for that as part of the event (although it could be worth a shot).

I think it's going to work out best if I take him for a drink before breaking the news gently. Still, fingers crossed it will all be worth it. I'll make sure I post a picture of the cake!

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