Sunday, 25 April 2010

What a difference a day makes (well, three days, but who's counting?)

Friday 16 April, 3pm. St. Thomas' Hospital.
Excited, and just a little bit apprehensive, D and I go in for the 12 week scan. After seeing the heartbeat, and confirming that there is indeed a little person in there, it becomes clear that the (as it turns out, very junior) technician is concerned. More people come into the room, look at the screen, talk amongst themselves in some weird medical language and then ignore us. Wonderful. Eventually, we're told that the nasal bone is absent and we're high risk for Downs. Then we're told we need to leave the room, as they don't want to overrun on their scan schedule.
We're taken to a family room (another brilliant sign - haven't been in one of these rooms since my Nan died) and basically told our only options are to have a CVS test or wait until I'm 16 weeks and then have an amniocentesis. I ask if we can have another scan on the NHS - maybe the baby was in the wrong position, maybe they were all blind - the answer is no. So, no choice. I book into The Portland for a second opinion.

Tuesday 20 April, 10am. The Portland.
This is more like a hotel than a hospital. I notice a leaflet advertising an open weekend for the labour ward - I pick one up in hope. Plus, it will give D a good laugh. (He couldn't make it, by the way, he had a major event on at work that couldn't be rescheduled. I brought my mum for support, should the news be the worst.) We go in the scan room / hotel suite and the Professor puts the machine on my tummy. His first words: "The nasal bone is clear as day - you can see it right there (points at screen). Was it a technician that did the scan?"

I have never, never, never felt so relieved in all my life.

Monday, 12 April 2010

How much?

I am officially in trouble with him indoors. When we decided to have our beloved son Christened, we agreed that it would be a low key, low cost event - there was no need to go overboard - it would just be a good day with friends and family. Hmmm. After ordering the cake this morning, which was no easy task as the girl at the end of the phone seemed to have no idea whatsoever about cake making or decorating. Or taking orders for that matter. However, after ordering the cake, I decided to have a final run through the budget. This is how it worked out:

Invitations - £60. (Done online, in order to achieve maximum savings)
Champagne - £350. And this isn't the expensive stuff. Damn.
Food - £140 - sandwiches were a no go, as they won't deliver on a Sunday. Think mini quiches, chicken bites and anything else that will last two days from collection.
Outfit for the star of the show (my son, not me) - £60
Cake - £70. Seriously. And (as noted above) I'm not convinced that we won't end up with a birthday cake for a ten year old.
Plates, napkins, balloons and all that malarkey - £45.
Soft drinks - £30.

This adds up to just over £750. Plus, it doesn't include thank you cards, any of the postage or any of the potential costs of broken glasses from the glass hire providers. And, naturally, it doesn't include the new bag or shoes that I've also bought - well, I reckon it's a bit unfair to expect hubbie to pay for that as part of the event (although it could be worth a shot).

I think it's going to work out best if I take him for a drink before breaking the news gently. Still, fingers crossed it will all be worth it. I'll make sure I post a picture of the cake!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

My definition of a holiday

Our office is closing early today, as part of the Easter holiday. For me, the build to Easter this year has been particularly anticipated, as both husband and I have been abstemious during Lent. We have both given up alcohol. I have also given up chocolate, cakes, biscuits and sweets. It hasn't been easy, but as Easter Sunday draws nearer, we both admit we feel seriously satisfied that we have achieved our goal. Plus, the lovely glass of red wine and bar of Dairy Milk I'm planning for Sunday are both going to taste seriously good.

Anyway, the news of early closing has really injected a feeling of good will across the office. Seriously, it's almost like Christmas. And the main question doing the rounds is: what are you up to for the holiday? The majority are heading away for the weekend, one person is hosting a party and one poor guy is working. Me? I'm doing NOTHING. That's right - no traumatic travelling (which equals hours of 'fun' stuck in a car or other vehicle that's not moving), no plans to host anyone (sorry family) and no commitments. I do have a vague plan to cook D a romantic lazy breakfast tomorrow (inspired by Miss Dahl - obviously without the breathy voice and ridiculous stories to accompany the preparation) but even that isn't decided yet. Maybe we'll take junior to the park if it's not tipping down and head to the pub on Monday for a well deserved tipple (small for me, naturally - I'm still pregnant) - but maybe we won't. We'll just play it by ear. A four day weekend, with no plans other than to relax and rest - now that's my definition of a holiday!

Happy Easter all xxx